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Déserteur le jeu d’évasion – Escape Game

Le Déserteur is an escape game with multiple scenarios available. Once you choose your scenario, you will be locked in a room where the only way to get out is to find the different clues to solve the puzzles. Stress and time are your two biggest enemies in this game. But if you watch and listen closely, you will find the answers that lie right in front of you. Cooperate and communicate with the rest of your team if you want to be able to solve the final puzzle.

Escape games are a fun activity whether you are with friends or family, they are not your typical outings. Be prepared to jump out of your comfort zone. Escape games are ideal for teams of 3 to 6 players, aged 11 years old and up. Le Déserteur can also accommodate groups of up to 30 people.

Come and celebrate a kid’s birthday or even an adult’s birthday. Le Déserteur offers a private room to celebrate.

Le Déserteur is also an excellent team building activity.


Four escape rooms are available to choose from :

  • La maudite folle
  • Le kidnapping
  • Le camping Ginette (Allons saboter le mariage!)
  • La Salle Mystère

Pricing and schedule

For more information on pricing and schedule, click here (French site only).

At-home partys are available

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