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Attraits et activités

La Revue de Terrebonne

La Revue de Terrebonne is the largest independent and free weekly in Quebec, appearing every Wednesday. Circulation within the MRC of Les Moulins (Terrebonne and Mascouche) is 54,000, as verified by the ODC in June, 2007. The paper employs about thirty staff and contributors.

Our mission as a regional information medium can be defined very simply: since a newspaper should be READ, we aim to be everywhere and represent everyone.

Always in the centre of the action, La Revue spotlights the achievements of local people, institutions, organizations, industries and businesses. There is a great variety of articles, with exclusives every week.

Our Website features more exclusives, with scoops almost every day.

As well as our editorial mission, La Revue is a showcase for intelligent and well-designed advertising that plays an important role in informing consumers of the many products and services offered by local businesses.


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