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Attraits et activités

Rural and Cultural Trail

A great way to explore and discover the cities of Mascouche and Terrebonne along a 24,2 km tour that is partly paved and gravelled bike path and partly highway.

At each intersection of the Rural and Cultural Trail, you can admire views and treasure of those cities.

To begin your tour, print the map and directions. Then locate the following attractions on the map. Finally, be sure you’re properly and safely equipped for your journey.



Île-des-Moulins Historical Site

Rallye du Noyau villageois de Mascouche

Audioguided tour of Mascouche


At the Terrebonne Tourist Information Office you’ll be sure of finding a parking space and having access to toilets and refreshments before and after your tour.

Cycling services

Boutique La Cribs

Centre du vélo Mascouche

Vélo St-Joseph

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