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Expo: Frette ou tablette – 400 years of beer in Quebec

from 26 May to 2 September 2019

From May 26 to September 2, visit the expo Frette ou Tablette – 400 ans de bière au Québec in Moulinet hall at Île-des-Moulins. This expo, which traces back the evolution of beer in the province of Quebec through the last 400 years, showcase both the technical and social progress of the popular beverage. You will be able to learn more about the transformation of the alcoholized beverage throughout the years, from a manufacturing standpoint to the way we view it. Visitors will be traveling back in time, from the Nouvelle France era, the industrial revolution and the 20th century, discovering the history of brewing techniques, licensed beverage establishments, the usage of beer in media and much more!


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