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Six pieds sous terre – Guided tour

the 4 August 2023   the 18 August 2023   the 1 September 2023

Six feet under: A church and its underground cemetery

Come alongside Claude Martel, geographer and historian, in this guided tour as he steps into the character of Bishop Fabre. The guided tour will take you into the Saint-Louis-de-France church and its underground cemetery. Discover the story behind the headstone of some of the people who shaped the city of Terrebonne.


6:45 p.m.: Rally point at the church, 825, rue Saint-Louis, Terrebonne
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.: Guided tour

Ticket pricing: $25 per person
Package pricing for 2 guided tours (Splendeurs seigneuriales and Six pieds sous terre): $45 per person

Reservation required: 450 492-7477 or info@shrt.qc.ca
Places limited
Dates: August 4, 18 and  september 1, 2023

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