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Theater in summer – La Cuisine de Yannicko

from 28 June to 5 August 2023

When Louis Saia and Pierre Huet unite their pen, as they did with their theatrical adaptation of Symphorien, we can expect an explosion of laughter and comical situations.

This is what happens in La Cuisine de Yannicko, a play that tells the adventures of a chef who has become a media star, who has his own show, his recipe book, his brand of cauldrons and of course, an ego. oversized.

This full-bodied satire takes place in the television studio where Yannicko records his shows. Dumped by his producer who sold the rights to the show, he and his crazy team are confronted with Vanessa, a new producer who would like her son Ronaldo to replace him. The action takes place more behind the scenes of the show than during the show itself. Especially when Yannicko revives his mystery guests of the week…

La Cuisine de Yannicko, where the kitchen knives fly low and the stuffings are not all in the turkey. Fasten your hats!

A piece de resistance served by ComédiHa! and Productions Martin Leclerc in collaboration with SODECT.

French representations only

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