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Le Snobinard

Amenities and services

  • Bar
  • Alcohol license
  • Private room
  • Musical / thematic evening
  • Terrace
  • Brunch
  • Breakfast

Le Snobinard in Vieux-Terrebonne offers a pleasant change of scene in a relaxed atmosphere that is certainly out of the ordinary… and not at all snobbish!

Le Snobinard is the place for breakfast! The only restaurant around offering such a complete and imaginative menu. Our patio is simply beautiful and situated in an outstanding location in Vieux-Terrebonne, facing the water, with breathtaking views of Ile des Moulins. The Snobinard offers a table d’hôte menu in the evening, summer and winter, with a new item added by our Chef each week.

In the fall, Le Snobinard has weekend dinner-dances for groups of 35 and more. Come celebrate your birthday, retirement, office party, etc.

Le Snobinard is all that and much more! You’ve heard about us, but perhaps haven’t yet visited. Now is the time. The finest compliment we have received from a customer is: “Every time we come, it’s like visiting the home of a friend.”

Number of seats

:  89 seats

Terrace : 89 seats

Private room : 20 seats



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