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Restaurant Chez Fabien

Amenities and services

  • Alcohol license
  • Terrace

Come take a well-deserved break and relax in the warm ambience and rich, sumptuous colours of Restaurant Chez Fabien. Here you can enjoy a delectable meal in soft lighting that calms the senses.

The Fabien staff are ready to offer you a unique culinary experience that your taste buds will always remember. They are attentive to every detail, from the freshness of the ingredients to the careful preparation of the dishes, the presentation of your meal and the service at your table.

In addition, the restaurant is located just 2 minutes from the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne.

At Chez Fabien, the hospitality is truly outstanding and courteous. The desire of all members of the staff is to offer you the ultimate dining experience.

Number of seats

: 130 seats

Terrace : 35 seats

Private room : 50 seats


Eco-responsible practices

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