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Restaurant La Confrérie

Amenities and services

  • Bar
  • Wireless Internet
  • Alcohol license
  • Private room
  • Catering service
  • Terrace
  • Brunch

La Confrérie is a great place for get-togethers, offering good food and comfy atmosphere. This restaurant combines a friendly space, simple and inviting décor and unique ambiance.

Moreover, you can be sure to find an original bistro-inspired menu that’s always affordable. Their chef’s creations, which vary as the seasons go by, move from one spectrum to the other, from classic comforting options to more refined dishes. And with a full selection of privately imported wines, microbrewery beers and home-made cocktails, you’ll find something to stimulate your palate.

Whether you’re stopping for a quick lunch with colleagues, a coffee break on their sun-bathed terrace or a diner with friends which just keeps on going, their friendly staff will be there along the way to show you a great time. Go on, the only thing missing is you!

Click here for the menu.

Mexican-themed nights
Don’t miss our Mexican-themed Tuesday nights, mexican meals, tequila and sombreros!

Number of seats
Dining room: 75 seats
Terrace: 75 seats
Private room: 25 to 50 seats

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