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Attraits et activités

Dog hiking trail at Parc de l’Arabesque

Dog owners and great outdoor lovers rejoice, there is a new dog hiking trail at Parc de l’Arabesque. This dog hiking trail located in Mascouche right next to Parc du Grand-Coteau is open all year round. Located in the “La solitaire” hiking trail, this dog trail is accessible through summer and winter and the seasons in between.

Parc de l’Arabesque is accessible from Boulevard de Mascouche. Parking is available at Parc du Grand-Coteau.

Please note that all other trails at parc du Grand-Coteau remain prohibited for dogs, aside from “La persévérante” trail, which is accessible to dogs from April 15 to November 15. Owners are allowed only one dog each and dogs must wear their leash (maximum length: 6 feet long) at all times. It is mandatory for owners to pick up their dog’s faecal matter to ensure the park remains clean.

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