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Attraits et activités

Maison Bélisle

One of Old Terrebonne’s oldest preserved house

Located only steps away from Île-des-Moulins, Maison Bélisle opens its doors on the history of Terrebonne. Built in 1759, Maison Bélisle is one of Old Terrebonne’s oldest preserved house. Open year round, this historical building holds a permanent exhibit on the history of Terrebonne, as well as other temporary expos during the year.
At ground level, you will find an oversized illustrated comic strip as well as two immersive interactive cabins, bringing you back in time to relive Terrebonne’s milestones. Upstairs, the Aimé Despatis exhibition room makes way for temporary expos throughout the year. Be sure to browse through our events calendar for more info.

Exhibit: Il était une fois… Terrebonne!

Trace back the events that shaped the history of the city on the oversized comic strip, illustrated by Karl Dupéré-Richer. Characters in the comic strip move through different eras, with two immersive interactive cabins.

Île-des-Moulins was awarded the silver prize as part of the 2012 Quebec Tourism Awards in the “Tourist Attractions with less than 25,000 visitors” category. Île-des-Moulins also was awarded Prix Patrimoine (heritage prize) as part of the 20th edition of the Grands prix de la culture Desjardins dans Lanaudière.

A must-see exhibit to learn the origins of Terrebonne!

Les femmes de bien ne veulent pas voter – 2018 summer exhibit

Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote
This exhibit, which was designed by the Manitoba Museum, was developed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the right to vote for women in Manitoba (1916). This exhibit takes a closer look at pioneers, authors, journalists and activists who helped create a first in the entire country. Artefacts and historical pictures depict some of the people who were up against each other in both camps as well as the arguments used on each side. Not only does the exhibit highlight the achievements that resulted from this win, but also demonstrates those that were left behind in the wake of this movement.

Exhibit schedule: from June 24 to September 3, 2018

Room rental

La Forge, Maison Bélisle’s next-door neighbour is the perfect spot for a children’s birthday. The room can accommodate roughly 20 people.

For more info on room rental pricing, click here (French site only).


Discover Maison Bélisle through a guided tour. Different package options are available to answer your needs. You will get to build your own package based on your personal interests and the duration of your stay. Packages available throughout the year.

For more info on group packages, benefits and activities, click here (French site only).

School groups

Dessine-moi un souvenir! — year-round activity
Maison Bélisle’s permanent exhibit, Il était une fois…Terrebonne!, traces back full of great events and brings out tons of emotions. What if you were to visit the exhibit with Mr. Matthew Moody himself?

Following their visit, children will gather at La Forge, where they will be invited to create their very own illustrated comic strip! Children will be able to bring back home their creation as a souvenir of this exciting day!

Target groups: preschool, elementary (1st and 2nd cycles) and day-care services
Duration: 1 h
Maximum group size: 50 students
Pricing: $5 / student

For more info:
Valérie Dezelak
450 492-5514, extension 225

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